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See why the DualLiner Bed Liner is the best in the industry!

Our ZeroSkid® technology insures that anything you put in the bed of your truck stays put and doesn’t go anywhere! It’s like you’ve literally LOCKED your load in place! Watch this very informative video and learn what seperates us from the competition!

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Bed Liner

Why Do You Need A Bed Liner?

Most truck owners want a bed liner.

There is a big difference between want and need, obviously need is definitely more important than want.  I found out the hard way that if you want your trucks bed to last than you need to purchase the “right” bed liner.  It is pretty much common sense that if you do not have a bed liner in your truck that it is just a matter of time before you carry some cargo that will scratch the paint or dent the sheet metal.  To most people this is a risk that they do not want to take so they hurry up and purchase a bed liner.

Did You Know That Most Truck Owners Actually Buy a Bed Liner That Will Harm Their Truck?

It is sad to think that a majority of truck owners are unaware of the damage their bed liner is causing day in and day out.  With a little bit of research it is clear to see that both “Spray On” bed liners and “Drop In” bed liners have some serious draw backs.  “Spray On” bed liners require grinding up the trucks factory finish, this is something that once it has been done there really is no turning back. “Drop In” bed liners are known for shaking and shifting around in the trucks box.  This movement is wearing off the trucks ability to resist rust and corrosion.

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Is There A Bed Liner That Is Good For My Truck?

Thanks to technology, now there is. It is called the Dual Liner bed liner, they use the many advancements made in manufacturing technology to produce the most precise bed liner ever made. It is a Five piece bed liner that each panel is molded to the exact size and shape of the area it is designed to protect. The Panels interlock with each other to hold itself in place, this prevents the panels from moving or shifting which eliminates chaffing. The design of these panels also produces the most dent protection, insuring that your trucks bed will look as it did before you put the bed liner in. Dual Liner was focused on producing a bed liner that would forever change the bed liner market forever, and that is exactly what they did. Before you purchase the wrong bed liner be sure to check out Dual Liners “Real Truck Bed Protection System!” Read this article about keeping a leased trucks bed in mint condition with a DualLiner bed liner.

The Bed Liner Basics

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Bed Liner

Trucks are used for many different reasons; most of these reasons involve the use of the trucks bed and box, and a bed liner. If you would take a brand new truck from the show room directly to the job site, there would be a significant amount of damage possible from everyday items that you would likely carry in the back of your truck. The solution to this problem is easily avoided by installing a bed liner. That seems pretty logical right?


This is where it gets very complicated, most types of bed liner actually cause harm to the truck.

I have owned several different types of bed liners in the past. Spray on bed liners are very popular, but after learning about the installation process most people would agree that taking grinder to the paint of a brand new truck seems crazy. Another turn off for me was the fact that the Spray On material did not provide much in the way of dent protection or scratch protection. Another type of bed liner I have owned is called the Drop In bed liner. These are the great big one piece plastic tubs that you just “Drop” right in the back of your truck. A couple of items come to mind that were of major concern to me; first, that the bed liner was universal fit, and second that there were large areas inaccessible and un useable.

Since the Drop In bed liner fit many different kinds of trucks there is a lot of room for the bed liner to shift or slide around and there is lots of room for dirt, sand, and debris to accumulate.

The combination of sand and a shifting bed liner can be catastrophic to your trucks finish. It does not take long and your trucks paint protection is totally worn off leaving your trucks sheet metal totally exposed under the liner, when moisture is added to the mix, you will almost instantly get rust.

Both of the previously mentioned bed liner types have what appear to me as major flaws. A bed liner should protect your trucks finish, not destroy it. A bed liner should provide significant amounts of dent protection, not just another layer of paint. A bed liner should also help to protect your cargo from sliding around and becoming damaged, not act like a skating rink propelling your cargo into the sidewalls of your trucks box.

These attributes are exactly what Dual Liner Bed Liner Systems set out to achieve, and eventually did accomplish.

By making the exact fit panels conform to the precise contour of each specific year, make and model Dual liner was able to avoid any damage from occurring to the trucks finish from shifting or movement. These panels are made of thick polyethylene and they provide much greater dent protection than the other types. Each of the side walls have a channel built in to them, this channel is what holds the Zero Skid Bed Mat in place. The Zero Skid Bed Mat is one of the thickest bed mats available and on the under side there are hundreds of soft rubber cleats. These cleats keep the bed mat from lying directly on the trucks finish and this allows water to drain out of the factory designed drain holes. Dual Liner utilizes the best materials in the appropriate area to provide the maximum protection without hurting the truck at all. The Dual Liner will protect your truck bed from damage for years to come, if you install it when the truck is brand new, then years down the road when you take it out, your trucks bed will still be like brand new.

I have owned many different trucks and many different bed liner. That is why I can say “Dual Liner Is The Only Bed Liner That Works!”

Bed Liner 101, Basic Bed Liner Information!

Are you looking to purchase your first truck? or, are you tired of looking at your beat up truck bed?

Perhaps you want to see if there is a bed liner that will fit your budget and your truck protection needs as well.

You have come to the right place, welcome.

Bed Liner technology is ever changing, as new technology emerges, new bed liners become available.

In the 70’s and 80’s there were only a couple of types of bed liner technology available, the Drop In bed liner and the Spray On bed liner.  Over the next couple of decades small tweaks or minor changes were made in the chemical make up of the materials used. Nothing major was changed for some time. During this same time frame manufacturing technology had improved significantly. Due to the use of  computer design and  more precise machines and methods of manufacturing the ability to to make an exact fit bed liner became possible.

There were actually a large group of truck owners that were not satisfied with the bed liners that were on the market for a substantial amount of time. This prompted an inventor to experiment with different designs as well as different materials. He found that the best material to protect the sidewalls was very different from the material that best  protected the bed of the truck as well as the cargo.

It only made sense to try to combine both materials into one bed liner, and that is what he did. By using “Dual” technologies the worlds first “Hybrid” bed liner was born.

The Dual Liner provides the best protection for each different section of your trucks box. The Zero Skid 3/8ths Inch Bed Mat protects the bed better than any of it predecessors, the high grade rubber is excellent at absorbing  major impacts. The underside of the Zero Skid Bed Mat has soft rubber cleats built in, these keep the mat from laying flat on the trucks finish and allow moisture easy access to the factory designed drain holes.

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Dual Liner Is The Exact Fit Bed Liner!

The side walls thanks to technology, are made to the exact contour of your trucks box, acting like a layer of armor to prevent any harm to the trucks box. These exact fit polyethylene panels were developed using some of the most state of the art molds to insure that the panels will not have any room to move around. This prevents any chaffing from occurring. The panels interlock with each other to provide complete protection. Near the bottom of the exact fit panels there is a channel that holds the Zero Skid Bed Mat in place. Again this prevents any parts from moving around to prevent any possibility of chaffing.  There are literally hundreds of advantages the Dual Liner provides above and beyond the old types of bed liner technology. One major advantage that I noticed is how the Dual Liner acts just like a time capsule for your trucks box. So if you put it in when your truck is brand new, after a few years you can take it out and your trucks bed is still going to look as it did when it was brand new. No other bed liner can provide this.

If you are in the market for a bed liner make sure to check out the Dual Liner, it really is “The Only Bed Liner That Works!”

The Only Bed Liner Designed For Your Leased Truck!

Bed Liner tech is very important to those that choose to lease their pick up truck, here is why;

If you choose a Drop In Bed Liner for your leased vehicle you are most likely to cause unrepairable damage to the trucks finish. This is because the one piece plastic tubs are loose fitting, (even if they are model specific they need to leave excess room in order for the drop in to fit between the rails upon installation) allowing the bed liner to shift back and forth.

spray on bed liner problems

Scratched Off Spray On Bed Liner Is Not Impressive When You Are Turning In Your Leased Vehicle!

If you choose a Spray On bed liner for your leased vehicle you run the risk of voiding your trucks warranty.

Before you have this done you want to double if not triple check that this is an acceptable that will not void the warranty or incur a huge deduction when you go to turn it in. Most leases limit wear to the vehicle during the lease term. You will likely have to pay extra charges for exceeding those limits if you return the truck and the spray on bed liner is scratched or worn off, as well as if it is faded or discolored. I have talked to numerous people that were shocked, to say the least,  when they returned there lease vehicles and were penalized for their spray on bed liner.

The Dual Liner Truck Bed Liner Is The Only Bed Liner Designed For Your Leased Pick Up Truck.

Dual Liner sets itself apart from any other bed liner on the market by offering a bed liner that acts like a time capsule for the trucks box. Preventing wear and tear as well as preventing the build up of mold, mildew, and rust. Because of this your trucks finish and condition of the trucks box is just like when you put the bed liner in when the truck was new. The unique Zero Skid bed mat is designed with a hundreds of rubber cleats to keep the mat from laying directly on the trucks finish and allowing water to escape using the truck manufacturers designed drainage holes. Combined with the ultra tough polyethylene exact fit panels which are very expensive to produce (that is why nobody else does it like this), the Dual Liner is like no other truck bed liner in the industry.

Bed Liner for your lease truck

Dual Liner Can Be Taken Out Easily Before You Turn The Vehicle Back In!

Dual Liner justifies this tremendous expense of these precision molds  by being the only bed liner on the market that fallows the identical contour of the trucks box. This not only eliminates any potential for chaffing caused by a loose fitting bed liner, but provides the most scratch and dent protection because of properties of  layering .  This give you a custom fitting bed liner that is truly “custom.” Each Custom Bed Liner panel fits tight against the sheet metal, this prevents chaffing. The side panels are made of “custom” thermo-formed polypropylene, these panels have a texture on them similar to that of a dash board or interior fixture giving it a nicely finished off, sleek look.  Dual Liner sets itself apart by being the only manufacturer able to offer a bed liner that truly preserves the condition of trucks box.

Are you sick and tired of your cargo sliding into the tail gate and then crashing into the load guard up against the cab?If you are then you see why Dual Liner goes with a “Zero Skid” mat, this mat will hold pretty much any cargo, big or small, right in place.  The mat is made from high grade rubber and stays very flexible, it can withstand a blow from a sledge hammer as well as from extreme cargo.recommended

It doesn’t  matter what you use your truck for, the Dual Liner is designed to protect your truck and cargo.The Dual Liner will not alter your truck permanently, you can take it out easily if you want. The Dual Liner bed liner systems ship in a box, by standard carriers (UPS, FED EX), right to your door. The Dual Liner has a Lifetime Warranty, ensuring many years of trouble free use, for you, the next owner of the truck and or the next owner of the bed liner (No other warranty in the industry does that).  It is easy to install, usually taking less than 30 minutes.  There are many, many more reasons why truck owners have fallen in love with the Dual Liner bed liner. Dual Liner offers the best custom protection against dents, scratches in the paint, all while keeping your cargo safe and secure in your trucks bed. See if Dual Liner makes a “custom fit” bed liner for your leased truck today!


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