Dualliner VS Spray-In Liners

bed liner

Getting a bed liner for your truck is simply a necessity.

Of course protection for the bed is probably the number one reason to get a truck bed liner.Bed liners come in many different types. The three main types of bed liners for trucks are Plastic bed liners,Rubber mats, and Spray-In bed liners.In this article we are going to compare two popular types of bedliners the spray-In bed liner and the Dualliner bed liner.

The DualLiner bed liner is becoming more and more popular because the makers of dualliner grabbed all the good features and dumped all the bad to make the ultimate bed liner for your truck.

The dualliner is made up of five interlocking pieces that can with stand any abuse you put in your truck bed.  Two sidewalls one load guard,tailgate protector all made of hard plastic to give you the most dent protection on the market today and a 3/8” zero skid rubber mat.    Another big feature is dualliner is NOT a one size fits all it is a custom fit so that means it will not wear down your factory paint over time.

Spray-In Liners: The spray-In bed liner has been around for a long time and has been very popular with many truck owners because it molds to the contour of the truck to make sure it fits like your factory paint.  And gives you a custom factory look.  Most truck owners have gone with the spray-In bed liner because there has not been many other options besides the standard drop in bed liner.
Truck Bed Protection
No impact damage to bed:Dualliner
3/8” Zero-skid Floor:Dual-liner
No load guard or tailgate damage:Dualliner
No corrosion damage underneath liner:Dualliner and Spray-In

Cargo Protection
Zero Skid Surface:Dualliner
Cargo stay put:Dualliner
Complete access to tie downs:Dualliner and Spray-In

Easy five-piece installation: Dualliner
Patented interlocking technology:Dualliner
Will not void truck’s paint warranty:Dualliner
Transferable to another truck: Dualliner

Custom fits to your truck bed:Dualliner and Spray-In
No chalking from UV damage:Dualliner
Preserves original factory paint:Dualliner
Last as long at your truck:Dualliner

Real lifetime bed liner warranty:Dualliner

Environmentally Safe
No hazardous chemicals:Dualliner
No OSHA installation regulations:Dualliner
No specialized handling and storage required:Dualliner

Ships in a box to your door:Dualliner

As you can see from the comparison above that when it comes to choosing the perfect bed liner for your truck the daulliner is unmatched in many ways.

Dualliner gives you a true zero skid floor which means you don’t have to worry about your cargo smashing into your cab window or flying out of your truck. Dualliner also gives you true dent protection custom fitted sidewalls provide hard dent protection for the load-guard,both sides,and the tailgate. One thing that is true is Cargo protection If cargo doesn’t slide around,it can’t get damaged.They have also given Custom fitted good looks there patented dual technology bed protection system interlocks hard sidewalls and the Zero-skid floor. The five component system fits tight to the sheet metal giving you that tight custom look you love. One more important thing you will find with the dualliner is the dualliner won’t trap water or dirt, and you won’t have to damage your truck bed to install it. When it comes to buying a bedliner what more could you want in a bed liner?


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