Why Do You Need A Bed Liner?

Most truck owners want a bed liner.

There is a big difference between want and need, obviously need is definitely more important than want.  I found out the hard way that if you want your trucks bed to last than you need to purchase the “right” bed liner.  It is pretty much common sense that if you do not have a bed liner in your truck that it is just a matter of time before you carry some cargo that will scratch the paint or dent the sheet metal.  To most people this is a risk that they do not want to take so they hurry up and purchase a bed liner.

Did You Know That Most Truck Owners Actually Buy a Bed Liner That Will Harm Their Truck?

It is sad to think that a majority of truck owners are unaware of the damage their bed liner is causing day in and day out.  With a little bit of research it is clear to see that both “Spray On” bed liners and “Drop In” bed liners have some serious draw backs.  “Spray On” bed liners require grinding up the trucks factory finish, this is something that once it has been done there really is no turning back. “Drop In” bed liners are known for shaking and shifting around in the trucks box.  This movement is wearing off the trucks ability to resist rust and corrosion.

bed liner

Bed Liner Display Unit

Is There A Bed Liner That Is Good For My Truck?

Thanks to technology, now there is. It is called the Dual Liner bed liner, they use the many advancements made in manufacturing technology to produce the most precise bed liner ever made. It is a Five piece bed liner that each panel is molded to the exact size and shape of the area it is designed to protect. The Panels interlock with each other to hold itself in place, this prevents the panels from moving or shifting which eliminates chaffing. The design of these panels also produces the most dent protection, insuring that your trucks bed will look as it did before you put the bed liner in. Dual Liner was focused on producing a bed liner that would forever change the bed liner market forever, and that is exactly what they did. Before you purchase the wrong bed liner be sure to check out Dual Liners “Real Truck Bed Protection System!” Read this article about keeping a leased trucks bed in mint condition with a DualLiner bed liner.


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